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Katie's faithful Geo Prizm was approaching 100,000 miles and Abby was starting the process to get her driver's  license. So, it was time to start thinking about getting another car. Katie did not have to think very long about which car she wanted, a New Beetle. Her requirements were;

bulletFive Speed   

I added that it be one of the ones you ordered over the Internet, i.e., a limited edition. This ain't your father's VW. Turbocharged, traction control, anti-lock brakes, AC, 4 wheel disk brakes, heated drivers seat, and a spoiler that automatically deploys at 93 mph! (There's a switch that will manually deploy it for the Walter Mittys in us.) Katie was quite overwhelmed, as indicated by the giggling at each new feature the salesman explained. He took over an hour to go through the owner's book and then give a tour of the car.

Here are some of the pictures I took just after we arrived home from picking up the car. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

vw1.jpg (103966 bytes)    vw2.jpg (96576 bytes)    vw3.jpg (109052 bytes)    vw4.jpg (87812 bytes)

vw5.jpg (112472 bytes)    Hey, where'd the engine go?

vw7.jpg (102200 bytes)    It's up front where the trunk used to be. This a thoroughly modern front wheel drive car.

vw6.jpg (86505 bytes)    The flower holder is standard. The salesman bought the flower.

vw8.jpg (113897 bytes)    Katie and Abby get set for their first jaunt.

vw9.jpg (81395 bytes)    She doesn't know I am taking the picture.

vw10.jpg (103296 bytes)    Off they go to show off the new car.